Cross-dresser or transvestite One who likes to dress as the opposite gender but does not identify as that gender
FTM/transman Assigned female sex at birth but identifies as male
Gender identity
The gender with which one identifies (unlike sexual identity, which is based on the gender one is attracted to)
Gender variant One who does not conform to the expected characteristics of the sex assigned at birth
MTF/transwoman Assigned male sex at birth but identifies as female
Natal sex
The sex (male, female, or intersex) assigned at birth based on chromosomes and/ or appearance of genitalia
Non-binary, gender-neutral, genderqueer, gender-free People who do not conform to society’s gender categories and generally view gender as a spectrum
Queer The “Q” in LGBTQ is used to consciously step outside of social norms of gender and sexual diversity. “Queer” includes sexual minorities who are marginalized for their sexual orientation and gender expression, highlights the idea that identities are fluid and experience-based, and transforms language historically associated with hate to an empowering word—particularly among LGBTQ youth.
Transgender One whose gender identity and/or expression differs from the sex assigned at birth. Avoid using the terms “transgendered,” “transvestite,” “transsexual,” “he-she,” and “cross-dresser” when referring to transgender individuals.
Transition A complex, individualized process that can include inward or outward change—or both—in one’s gender identity. Avoid referring to “sex change,” “preop,” “postop,” or “sex-reassignment surgery” in reference to individuals who are transitioning, as these terms can be offensive and are not generalizable to all transgender individuals.