Acute pulmonary edema with systolic dysfunction
Nicardipine, fenoldopam, or nitroprusside in combination with nitroglycerin and a loop diuretic
Acute pulmonary edema with diastolic
Esmolol, metoprolol, labetalol, or verapamil in combination with low-dose nitroglycerin and a loop diuretic
Acute myocardial ischemia Labetalol or esmolol in combination with nitroglycerin
Hypertensive encephalopathy Nicardipine, labetalol, or fenoldopam
Acute aortic dissection Labetalol or combination of nicardipine and esmolol or combination of nitroprusside with either esmolol or IV metoprolol
Pre-eclampsia, eclampsia Labetalol or nicardipine
Acute renal failure /MAHA Nicardipine or fenoldopam
Sympathetic crisis/cocaine overdose Verapamil, diltiazem, or nicardipine in combination with a benzodiazepine
APH  Esmolol, nicardipine, or labetalol
Acute ischemic stroke/intracerebral
Nicardipine, labetalol, or fenoldopam

1.25 mg over 5 min every 4 to 6 h, titrate by 1.25-mg increments at 12- to 24-h intervals to maximum of 5 mg q6h
500 g/kg loading dose over 1 min, infusion at 25 to 50 g/kg/min, increased by 25 g/kg/min every 10 to 20 min to maximum of 300 g/kg/min
0.1 g/kg/min initial dose, 0.05 to 0.1 g/kg/min increments to maximum of 1.6 g/kg/min
20-mg initial bolus, 20- to 80-mg repeat boluses or start infusion at 2 mg/min with maximum 24-h dose of 300 mg (preferred in patients that are also tachycardic)
5 mg/h, increase at 2.5 mg/h increments every 5 min to maximum of 15 mg/h (preferred in patients with normal HR or bradycardic)
5 g/min, titrated by 5 g/min every 5 to 10 min to maximum of 60 g/min
0.5 g/kg/min, increase to maximum of 2 g/kg/m to avoid toxicity
Phentolamine 1- to 5-mg boluses, maximum 15-mg dose